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My Name Is Mohit

This is a type of experimental AI candlestick system I developed as one of my main talents are AI, and web devlopment. It was coded with python and a PyTorch backend for the AI. It can identify candlestick paterns and show them to you before it even happens.

Experimental StockyAI System

This is StockyAI. It empowering the General Trader with Artificial Intelligence. StockyAI lets you use AI/Data Analytics to get access to the info that is only available to the big guys and millionaires!


Design by Mohit V.
The Objective of this is to be able pull "Sentiment" of a stock from news articles and snippets. In order to do this, it uses a NLU Network and Tokeniser to determine wether the stock has a good overall sentiment, or a bad overall sentiment.

Stock Sentiment Analysis

Auto sketch AI that can complete images. Test it out.

Auto Sketch Completer

Custom essay writer for me when im feeling too lazy to write an essay.

Essay Writer

You can view the rest of my 160+ projects on my github
My GitHub
Mohit Varikuti is a 14-year-old self-taught AI expert. He has a patent pending for a Zigby IoT Mesh Network system. He is a member of the Boy Scouts and is aiming to be an Eagle Scout. He knows 17 coding languages, including Python, Javascript, and HTML, and has a 3d printer. He also has verifications on all of these topics from MIT, Harvard, to the University of Michigan. He hopes that this has given an accurate insight into his life and that all details were covered. He would like to meet all of you someday, but for now, this will have to do.